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Monday, June 06, 2005

Jiminy Cricket Was Wrong

"Let your conscience be your guide." How many times have we heard that in our life? We've been told as long as we can remember to let our conscience be a compass for us.

Wrong answer.

Dr. J. Vernon McGee accurately points out that our conscience will let us do things that the Holy Spirit will not. My conscience will let me seek justice (as my human mind sees it should be, by the way), whereas the Holy Spirit forces me to consider extras...little things like mercy, grace, love and forgiveness.

My conscience will allow me to lie, cheat, steal, fight...whatever I need to go to extract justice in a situation.

The Holy Spirit won't allow me to do that without harrassing me about it.

I suppose if you're not a Christian, letting your conscience be your guide is about the best you can do. But if the Living and True God dwells inside you, you have an infinitely more accurate compass. Use it.


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