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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Dem Democrats

The Democratic Party never ceases to amaze me. They "just don't get it!" as my two children are so fond of saying to me.

In the Decatur Daily article by M.J. Ellington, published in the Sunday, 11-14 edition, I read that Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley, Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks, Senate President Pro Tem Lowell Barron and House Speaker Seth Hammett asked Democratic Executive Committee to kick Redding Pitt, the party's state chairman, to the curb.

Baxley says the democrats aren't represented in the light they want to be. That they believe politics and theology doesn't mix. That you should separate the two, because you need to "keep religion holy."

Well, long as you want your politicians and policies to be unholy.

Buy a dog and name him, Clue, Lucy. Apparently, it's the only way you're going to get one.

If you want to win back the public, get your party to stop pushing issues like abortion, in particular partial birth abortion. Get your party to stop pushing homosexual unions. Get your party to stop pushing for health benefits by the employer of one homosexual for his/her/its same sex live in. Get your party to stop raising taxes so you can redistribute wealth the way you see fit, as opposed to letting Americans use their hard earned dollars as they see fit.

Heck, if we give our money to you, you'll just use it to have one lesbian artificially inseminated by the seed of homosexual man so she and her partner can have a baby. Until, of course, they decide to change their mind half way through the pregnancy, at which time she should be able to use my money to kill the unborn child. Oh...and make sure the insurance company she uses through work pays for it. That way, the insurance company passes the higher costs on to the employer, who then passes the higher costs on to the consumer of their product or service.

Do you think maybe the problem of the Democratic Party lies somewhere other than the scapegoat they want axed?


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